About the Midwest Colorguard Circuit (MWCGC)
"The Purpose of the Midwest Color Guard Circuit to Promote Color Guard Contests, Thereby Perpetuating the Pageantry and Effectiveness of the Member Units for Charitable & Educational Purposes."

About us

MWCGC: One of the world's oldest and most successful circuits

The 2024 season marks the 63rd consecutive competitive season of the Midwest Color Guard Circuit. It is well-known as one of the world's oldest and most successful circuits. Over 7 World Championship Units and many other medalist and finalist competitors have called the Midwest Circuit their home. We have had units from many states, including Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, and Iowa.

Our circuit is well-known for the closeness of its members. By the end of each season, many guard members have made friendships with members of other guards, and it is normal even to see guards who compete against each other helping each other out with props or tarps. Our directors all know each other, and the climate of the competitions is very comfortable and nurturing while still being competitive. Since our circuit allows performers of all ages to compete, we often have the unique opportunity to see a performer start in their first guard, then move on to their high school guard, and then on to an independent guard and even senior guard in some cases! The Midwest Circuit is one of the few circuits where you can see performers grow and develop over many years.

The Midwest Circuit aligns very closely with Winter Guard International (WGI). Our by-laws and show format are based on WGI, and we try to secure WGI judges for our shows as often as possible. Many of our member units compete in WGI, their state circuit, and the Midwest Circuit. This allows units to be seen more often by WGI judges and bigger audiences.

The Midwest Circuit has two meetings annually: one in August/September, and one usually in early May. These meetings are open to all circuit members and the public, and any unit that is a circuit member in good standing is eligible to vote on any items put to the vote at each meeting. If you have any other questions regarding the Midwest Color Guard Circuit, please feel free to email Will Frankenberger, our current President at [email protected].

Recent Events
4/6/24 and 4/7/24 - SAA, A & Open Class Championships - Finals
4/6/24 - Cadet, SRA, & IRA Class Championships
4/6/24 and 4/7/24 - SAA, A & Open Class Championships - Prelims
3/16/24 - Minooka Contest
3/9/24 - Hersey Contest
Future Events
There are no upcoming events!